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Always wearing a dress and a smile, I founded Gramercy & Grace as a way to showcase my love and appreciation of florals. Whether on a dining room table, entryway or grand ballroom, I believe that flowers are the key ingredient to making any occasion flourish. Portraying beauty happiness and hope, they are present during the joyous of moments and in the darkest of days. 


Over the better part of the last 10 years, I have grown to appreciate and want to spread the beauty of floral arrangements to those around me in Nashville, Tennessee. Whether it is a massive celebration of any type, a workshop for floral enthusiasts or a gorgeous bouquet to fill your home or business, I look for any and every opportunity to beautify and inspire. 

Our Story

This story begins with my love and appreciation for New York City. As a child, each summer my parents would pack us up and head north. We would visit our usual favorite spots as well as take in the beauty that was all around us. Picnics in Central Park, shopping in Bergdorf Goodman and eating all the pastries along the way. As I grew up, I would return each year with my own list of things to see and do.


One year as I was strolling through Gramercy, I stumbled across it’s private park. Intrigued by it’s history and charm, I made my way to the Gramercy Park Hotel just down the street. There, I was told that only the residents of Gramercy have access to the park. To this day, I remember the sense of awe and curiosity that I felt in that moment. I kindly thanked the patrons and made my way to the restaurant to enjoy a beverage. It was there that the concierge approached me and asked if I would like to stroll through the garden. As I made my way to the garden, he explained that Gramercy Park was one of two private gardens in all of NYC. As I entered the park all I could feel was silence and peace. The hedges were perfectly manicured, the flowers perfectly trimmed; I was transported to a secluded scenery, outside the hustle and bustle of the Big City. 


As we spoke together more, I learned that the name Gramercy also means “many thanks.” As this business continues to grow & evolve, I wanted it’s name to mean something more. Gramercy & Grace encompasses my love for not just florals, but also greenery, nature, stillness and peace. Gramercy, for me, helps do exactly that. Grace comes from a long line of inspirational and strong women in my family that have each been so crucial to my own personal growth.

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